Thursday, January 15, 2009


Whoever invented it is a genius, in a way...

To a man, its a thing of genius and whatever that guy (whose name I forgot) sang about in the Thong Song, was true and make that a double.

Just imagine, the thong is used by women in this country of ours to make sure that there is no unsightly VPL or visible panty line for the uniniated and for the men to ogle at the twin globe at the back more pronounced by this magic piece of clothing.

One of the game I play with anybody I am with on Air Asia flights is does she or doesn't she? Wear a thong that is. If the VPL is there, then she gets a lower mark. Yes, girls, I am that sexist as you do too when you check the behind of man whom you fancy.

In Malaysia, thong is something which the gals buy as underwear and not as part of an ensemble to be worn to the beach. Heck, Malaysian still bath fully cloth, so wearing a thong to the beach are still a long way off. Bikini has made appearance once in a while but the cheeks are always hidden.

So, Malaysian men, for those in the know, will still have to be satisfied with seeing thongs under all that layer of clothing.

Why not?

A little bit of mystery will still take you a long way...

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