Wednesday, November 19, 2008


You can see my nipples here
This topic is dedicated to a friend of mine who just can't get enough.

I can never figure myself whether I am an ass-man or a breast-man. I would like to think that I am both.

The topic I want to 'touch' today is on the beauty of breast and men's fascination with it. The problem with breast is that they are just there. You cannot hide the fact that they are beautifully displayed for all to see.

Those who are well endowed with top heavy breast had to endure the stare like this one girl that I know who is an attraction at my office. My friends who have seen her can attest to this fact. As she is small the fact that that part of hers are big cannot be denied. I didn't notice it until it was pointed 2 days after she started working. Honest!!!

Anyway, we men are hopeless when it comes to keeping our eyes at any woman's eyes if we are presented with a beautiful encased or sometimes undone mammaries. We would just stare. Maybe it was like what Freud had theorised when he said that men will always want to fall in love with their mother. And his theory came from the fact that men were nurtured by their mother's bosom before they were released to the wild.

Maybe they never let go...

p/s - women will outgrow their fascination as they grow their own. They can just stare theirs in the mirror...

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