Thursday, January 29, 2009


I scoffed at the idea once when my wife suggested that I bring a handkerchief in my pocket. As nowadays most of my shirt don't have a pocket and no one in Malaysia wears a jacket under the hot sun (except so very few, most of my things are in my trouser's pockets and having a handkerchief will just make it more bulgy.

It all started when I have to use a classroom which only had fans to cool off the persons in it (there are still some classrooms using these primitive mode of cooling a room. Although it help the environment, it is never enough to cool the Malaysian weather). Being Malaysia, with it's hot weather and coupled with my easeness of sweating, I will be soaked by the time I came into class, especially the afternoon class. When I have to wipe the sweat of my brow and face and all over my body I actually used my hands. Gross right? One of my students had the mind of passing me some face tissue for me to wipe of my sweaty brows.

My wife bought me a hankerchief when I told her the story of my suffering. I refused to use it at first as it was just cramping my style. I relented after I keep on sweating and would have done so even in the morning. So, I swallowed my pride and now, I have succumbed to being a lot like my father, who always have a hanky in his pocket...

One hanky too many

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  1. a hanky's quite dirty if you keep on sneezing in it yeah.