Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Holidays of 2008

 Here are some pictures from the holidays and breakaways that my wife and I had the whole of 2008.
All locally done in Malaysia except for one trip to a neighbouring country, although we did went 'over'sea within Malaysia in a few episodes : -

In Singapore on 4.4.08 to watch a theatre show.
Brought along dad to enjoy his favourite murtabak at Arab Street
(yep, I did use this pic before in my earlier posting)

An escapade in Sheraton Imperial, KL, during one weekend between 7th and 9th June '08

During Ramadhan I need my regular fix of various Kelantan food in Kota Bharu (13.9.08)

Went to Kuala Berang and then Kuala Terengganu due to a wedding of one of my staff in June
This is a picture of Tasik Kenyir, just off Kuala Berang
before we went to stay in Primula at Kuala Terengganu

 Off to Kota Kinabalu as my brother had a conference there and we had some spare time
between 2nd to 4th of May 08. And the seafood there were heavenly.

For our 5th wedding anniversary, although we planned to go to Europe, we settled for a simple weekend in Shang-ri la Putrajaya and Le Meridian KL

Fireworks from the boat we were on during Merdeka month of August as part of the 2008 international firework competition in Putrajaya

Living the high life in Pangkor Laut Resort in April

Another hotel escapade at Traders Hotel during my birthday weekend in October 
which overlook the KLCC

And finally a final escapade with my brother's family from JB during the Maal Hijrah long weekend.
The picture shows the traffic fronting Pavilion at 2am in the morning on a Saturday night

p/s - I can safely say we did contribute to domestic tourism the whole of the year 2008 quite a lot. We were on holiday every other month!!!


  1. patut letak gambar apak+wife kat tourism bilboard sepanjang highway.
    kau lagi banyak travel dari azalina tu!

  2. Ah, the twin tower looks amazingly fantabulous.

  3. really romantic at

  4. Was "We Will Rock You" the show you saw? If it was, did you like it? Queen is my favorite, but the show is too far away for me to see it here.

  5. Ratty : The theatre was good in the sense of the music. Storyline wise it was more of a glorified way to here someone singing Queen's songs live and that Rockstar winner was good. I forgot his name