Thursday, January 8, 2009

Killer stroller

I need to apologise first to all parent and give a fair warning that I don't have kids so I might not understand this phenomena. I believe this is also one of the reason why shopping malls nowadays have very wide corridors to accommodate this thing which I call a monstrosity. Okay, not a monster, but close...

What I am blabbing about is the big four wheels strollers that parents seem to be using in shopping malls nowadays in Malaysia. I have met this monstrosity for the first time when I went for a tour around Europe in 2005 and now it has followed me back to Malaysia after all this year.

I have seen some are not even filled with babies but little boys or girls who can already run around their parents in circle. Some was even filled to the brim with shopping bags while one of the parents hold the kid in his arm or the kid was running around somewhere. It seems that the bigger the stroller, the more contraptions can be attached to it. I saw a few double decker and when I thought that those which can fill  more than one baby was just something concocted by Hollywood film, loo and behold, I saw those which can carry more than one baby  trying to smash my foot.

As I said, I don't carry my pets around as they will never let me do that to them and I am still sane enough to not turn into some Paris Hilton crazy pet owner, but can some parents explain to me, what is wrong with the normal, easy to fold, run of the mill stroller that was used by the saner people before these killer strollers come into being?

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  1. So true!! Once we had this giant stroller for my lil' sis which have this many-many pockets and features so that we can put the bottles, bags, shopping paper bags etc. But it was so much of a hassle everytime we want to fold it, not mentioning that it was sooo huge and troublesome!

    After a while, I asked my dad to change it to a more cute and easy-to-fold stroller. Life have been a bliss after that.. *phew*

    I understand your situation. Me myself pun hate it when I have to push that GIANT stroller. Hehehehe...