Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where's my sex party?

I was reading the Star newspaper last week when I came across an article about sex parties which seem to be the trend nowadays in Malaysia. It is not just among adults but is also rampant among kids as young as 14. It seems it is all the rage now.

I don't actually think it is a new problem if you want to call it that (sex parties among adult I mean) as all those who participate must have been aware what they are getting into, regardless whether the issue is about religion, health or moral. Or whatever other problem you want to associate it with. It was just that during those years when I am still a young strapping young man I was never invited to such an event or let us just call it an orgy. It may have to do with my look which I would say to be below average in the 'look' department. Or it may be the company I kept.

Wait, does being in the apartment while two of your friends past you by, with each bringing a girl into their own room, while I am sitting outside in the living room, trying to ignore the noise coming from the rooms, considered being involved in a sex party? Or how about when you live with don't know how many housemates in an apartment and every night one of them will bring one of their girlfriend home, sometimes more than one, and they will be sleeping all around the house (some were really just sleeping) while you came in and go sleep in your own corner, considered being in one too. In the second scenario, I did wake up a few times with a girl beside me, who seemed always to be locked out of her apartment as she love partying till late and don't have anywhere to sleep. She was really sleeping then albeit there were time it seems we were in a compromising position.

Unless sex parties must be something well planned and there are rules and regualations before it can be considered as one, I must have been in a few too. Oh well, not I have answered my own question, why now does the authority realised this? Those experiences of mine were during the early part of 2000s...

Nowadays, mine just have two participants...

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