Saturday, January 24, 2009

My own fish spa

The pond

I am quiet a lazy person especially when it comes to things which I need to do around the house. However, when it comes to my small pond which can be considered like a small fish spa with guppies by the hundreds in it and with some as big as the size of a thumb, I love feeding them every morning even though the part involving any form of cleaning it usually are left to my wife. The only other part that I play other than feeding them is making such the water spouting device which it has is functional as there's a lot of weed stuck to it's sucker after some times.

The fish

It just when there are so many of them in the small pond, I am reminded of the fish spa that is sprouting all over Malaysia in which the fishes eat the dead skin of your feet and you will feel them as if they are massaging your feet. These fish spas are also offering franchise to those who wants to buy it and I was even offered to do so with an email. I am just wondering whether with these guppies that I have whether I can just make a bigger pond for my neighbours to come and put in their feet into it. My fishes seem hungry enough...

If I can just train them to make them eat dead skin cells...

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  1. Haha... if i can train my fish as well :P Eh i heard the spa fish cost RM3.50 each....can invest le