Monday, January 19, 2009

Ipod maniac (Kanye's fault)

I don't know why each time I put down the Ipod down on the table, especially if there is a song being played, my cats will attack it. God knows how many of their plaything they have around the house to bite and play tug of war with each other. One morning, such things happened and they were running around the house with the earphone. Luckily, the Ipod was unattached to it and although it was lying on the ground, showing that it had fallen from the table to the floor, the hard casing I put around it managed to save it from being damage.

And you know what song that was playing that day?

Kanye West's Love Lockdown...

Here are some pictures of one of them trying to do her utmost damage... (I think Kanye's song have a lot to do with it)


  1. The cat looks more like trying to put o the headphone to the ears. LOL

  2. haha that's awesome