Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tom Sawyer I ain't

I have been nagged to attend to this house project since forever. This is just one of the few that we have agreed on. The other is to paint over our uneven and hideous dining room in white colour to match the furniture that we have bought last year. It was put off for quite a while as it was supposed to be for the last Eid celebration. That was how long I have managed to put it off.

There are so many excuses and reasons that I have given. Some can be considered valid like having classes on Saturdays and some are just due to plain laziness.

So, this little house project of painting of my front gate which is done to cover a bad paint job by me too in 2007 was put off nearly a year and I just couldn't put it off anymore. It started with just one side last Saturday (27.12.08) and today, 3.1.09, I am going to finish it. It took me 2 hours from 9am to 11am to finish that 1 side and I hope it will take me a little less time today.

Here are some pictures from last Saturday...


  1. You need to stop someone that's passing by, and tell them how much fun they would have painting that gate. :)

  2. Ratty : Did try but there was no taker... ;)