Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pangkor Laut Resort

Last year, I had the chance of experiencing one of the luxurious holiday that Malaysia have to offer. It is on an island leased by one of Malaysian biggest company, YTL Corporation which is turned into a resort. Pangkor Laut resort can be considered as one of the dream vacation I had have since I saw it being frequented by a lot of famous people like the later Pavarotti and Joan Collins to name a few. Then when Sports Illustrated did a photo shoot for it's year end issue, I know that I just have to go there one day.

It became a reality last year when I was given a substitute room in Pangkor Laut as a year before I went to YTL's property in Bali but when I arrived, the property was not properly ready yet. This Pangkor Laut Resort trip was as way for YTL to say they are sorry and I should enjoy a complimentary stay there. I upgraded to a better room or should I say chalet, as I asked for the stilted water chalet which is more expensive than what was offered. I had to pay a little but it was worth every penny. Here are some pictures of the trip...


  1. I was there last year. Nice. Went to the main island and rented a kapcai and rode one for the first time... went all around the island. Great fun.

    Was quite disappointed that the waters around the island were less than sparklingly clean though. Litterbugs are such a pain..

  2. Would love to go there one day. :-)

  3. hi in your opinion would this trip be worth it? i mean with all the litter floating onto the beach, and the water being not as clear as it used to be. how about the conditions of the resort? was it still good? or a little run-down with time?