Sunday, January 11, 2009

Men and butt slapping (groping?)

My wife called me one Friday and asked me to turn to one of the page in the Star newspaper. As it was in the special pullout for Friday which is dedicated to the English Premier League, I was puzzled as my wife is not a football fan.

When I turned to it, I was laughing so hard and was so loud that I made my staff upset. They were puzzled at the ferocity of my laugh as they rarely heard me doing such a thing.

My wife did asked me once what is it with men and slapping each others butt. Some even love grabbing the cheek or cheeks. As I am guilty of slapping and grabbing, my answer is that we may be heterosexual but we think its just a form of fun among men. Especially when after a sport event where we were involved together. But, this picture is very much more than what I have ever done. Couldn't find it on the internet so I took the picture using my camera :

This is the picture from the Star pullout on 2.1.09

Then just look at the headline, TRIED AND TESTED

Why must they use this picture of all pictures to explain who is going to be traded around Engligh Premier League. Then my wife ask, is that man's name is really Crouch...?

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