Saturday, August 1, 2009

P1 Wimax return of tester party

It was a simple event but I enjoyed it as they seems to take it personal. They talked to us. They asked us what went wrong. What went right. Whether they acted on our initial feedbacks. And then they feed us. On their cool HQ's rooftop. Not many pictures but it was kind of cool.

The HQ has the name of the parent company on top

Gift bags for us and has a cool USB mini vacuum cleaner for keyboard

View from the top

Their COO thanking us and promising more things from them (They are just nearly 1 year old)

Some of the attendees talking to the COO (Sorry for the poor picture)

I do got an open invitation by one of P1 Wimax staff if you guys ever one to see their rooftop garden. It is quite breathtaking. Good use of unused space.

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