Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gaydar, a tool...

I learnt of this term when my wife and I were following L Words which is basically about the homosexual community in Los Angeles.

I have a few gay friends in Kuala Lumpur, which may not be as open with others and one of the topic which they usually brought up is the issue of identifying those who are gay. Of course, in a conservative country like Malaysia, being gay is a no, no. But they are around and in a modern city like Kuala Lumpur, it is not that surprising.

Like what Jack of 30 Rocks once said, "He is not just powerful, he is gay...", meaning to say, some of those who are powerful are gay and there are certain business where they have cornered the market.

Back to my friend. He is always hoping for signals to know the availability and the sexual preference of those he fancy. Some do respond and some brush him off.

And yes, even in Malaysia, the issue of "Where have all the good men go?" do play a part in the dating scene. Much like Sex and the City...


  1. there's a saying that goes "All the good men are either Gay or Married". surprisingly, i find this to be true.

  2. Yep, too many of them out of the closets now ( I mean those who are gay) and good luck finding nice straigt unmarried GOOD men nowadays