Monday, August 24, 2009

Waking up for sustenance

Every morning, before the first light of dawn, during the fasting month, most Muslims will be waking up to eat some food. In Malay, the word to describe this eating before dawn is sahur and everyone has a story of how the learn to do this during their childhood.

My family consider sahur as a must. Some family choose to not do it at all as they will be eating whatever needed to sustain them during the day much earlier which is before everyone going to bed. As for my  wife and I, we do try to wake up at 4.30am for us to properly eat and drink. Unless we had a late supper.

I remembered the time when I was still a kid trying hard to wake up like I was taught to do. Even sat by the bedside as if I was awake but still in the throes of sleep. Or going to the table and then slept with my food in front of me. The trial of fasting is always deeply felt by kids more than adult.

Nowadays, fasting is just a month which we tend to take for granted except for the abundance of food we can acquire. I actually have limited myself since I was in my twenties to ignore the tradition of buying and eating too much. 

This year, with me managing to lose nearly 8 kg after a diet I followed, I am determined to stick to my usual way and eat lesser. And to add more activities which will be beneficial to me in the other world.

Happy Ramadhan...

Food rarely seen during other months


  1. share la tip skit..camna nak hilangkan beberapa kg ni?

    selamat berpuasa!

  2. Fasting can be difficult, but there is a lot of blessing to it.