Monday, August 3, 2009

Breaking up while maintaining relationship

Do you do this?

As a man who rarely breaks up nastily (is there such a word?) I seem to be able to keep my relationship with all my ex-girlfriends from my bachelor day. Unless they decided that I am not worth of their time to keep in touch with, I have quite a healthy relationship with them. 

Why is the word healthy is in italic? Well, I don't really go out with them or have real relationship where I talk with them about life or even the household issue. My relationship with them are mostly professional as in I have relationship which allow them to get in touch with me on matters regarding work. They usually call me for advice and I usually call them too for the same. Some of them actually helped me to get work and some are professionals like me who 

After some years, which means, just recently (2,3 years back) I start to go to their houses on selected occasions like Eid Fitri celebration and such. Just to show the maturity of my marriage. I think my wife already know that there is too remote as a chance of me suddenly having affairs with any of them as they are happily married and they are nearly the same age with me. I know, that does not mean that I am not suspected of whatever that women suspect their partner or spouse of having with their exes, but at least my wife do have their number and all, if ever she wants to get in touch with them, for whatever reason (maybe exchanging recipes and such)

Anyway, just wondering whether all those married men out there are like me?


  1. I think there's nothing wrong with being friendly to your exes or even keeping in touch with them.Doing that doesn't mean having an affair unless you're doing something else,right? Some of my ex-boyfriends have turned out to be my good friends too and they're just cool. Though we don't keep our numbers and we don't communicate regularly,we catch up when we see each other in the streets or even online. No harm with that. No malice whatsoever. Being married,we should know where we stand. =)

  2. Once I broke up with my ex, I don't even contact her anymore. =/

  3. OW - Some know the limit, some don't. And sometimes it is not as straightforward as we like to think

    Tekkaus - To each his/her own ;)

  4. it's nice to hear a man's perspective on this ... I'm the kind of person who has a good relationship with my ex boyfriends .. some better than others whilst there are some I don't speak to anymore purely because we have lost contact.

    Being in touch with one's past does not mean that someone is going to rekindle old flames ... trust is something that has to be developed between partners to allow room for an old part of your life back in without complications