Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blogger Party, Blogger Boy promo and Josh's birthday

On Thursday, 6th of August, I had the opportunity to join a group of bloggers in a party which was thrown by Advertlets. It had tagged itself as a Malaysia Bloggers Evening.

We were promised quite a few highlights but the organiser did mysteriously say we have to come to know what it was all about.

I invited a few friends who asked me about what it was all about when they saw my Twitter update saying I will be going to the event. I asked Josh Lim, one part of the Advertlets team whether it was an open event and he said that those guys could come as my guests. They were Julian Hopkins and Serge who are basically bloggers who are kind of loyal to another internet advertising company. 'Kind of' as they never really been invited to an event by Advertlets before. Me, being the torchbearer of both advertising companies invited them and they seemed to have had some fun throughout the evening. Julian already did a piece on the evening.

Here are some pictures :

The club, Envie from outside

 The inside of the club
 The birthday boy
The host and Blogger Boy's actors
 The RM250,000-00 dance floor being utilised
Some of the bloggers that night
The birthday boy giving a speech
Girls trying to amuse the birthday boy (pictured intentionally blurred less I will be killed)

You can read a hilarious account of the happenings that night in here. He has a DSLR, has better pictures and better sense of humour.

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