Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How I got to know my wife_Part 1

My wife hates this story...

She will never admit it but very few of my friends know the story except my long time business partner. And usually when the friends whom I have not met for quite some time then we met somewhere, when they ask me who is my wife, their first guess will be, she is a lawyer?

The simple reason why my wife hates the story is due to the fact that I met her through my then (supposed) girlfriend. I was never really steady with that girl, who was more of a woman, even then. She was a 39 years old single mother, then and I was a lawyer who just opened up my own practice. I actually got to know her when I saw her behind the counter at this one shop which my client love to frequent in an affluent part of the city. It was through her godmother who was seating with us that I asked for her telephone number. 

Before you think that this was my usual modus operandi, as a single man then, think again. First, I rarely approach a woman so direct except through her friends. Secondly, even rarer, I asked a lady's phone number through an older person such as her guardian and in my case, her godmother. So, it was a surprise to me that I was given what I asked. She gave it to me after spending some time with me under the chaperon of her godmother. I even got a warning from the godmother to be courteous and not to be too intrusive on her godchild if I want to court her. That actually set the tone for my whole relationship with her.
I was so cowardly in my earlier life (circa 15 to 20 years of age) that I usually put down  the phone (landline as that was a time handphone was not a norm) if the phone was answered by the parents of the girl I was trying to speak to. So, that episode actually gave me new strength when I talk to women.

That was the background of the lady who eventually brought me to the arm of my wife. As an opening of a few days tale, which I am going to tell in honour of my 6th year marriage anniversary, this coming 8.8.09, I leave it there for another post and another day...

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