Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Independence Day Malaysia

I did not intend to celebrate independence day as I never did physically celebrate it in my life. Never been to any of those gatherings. Never stood (or sit) in a field watching fireworks. Never braved any traffic jam (except for once) to get to an independence day celebration.

So, it was the same last night. I don't actually know how to appreciate Merdeka (Independence in Bahasa Malaysia). Most leaders will say the youth of today do not know how to show it. I will ask back, how do you actually show your appreciation? Countdowns? Traffic jam? Party? 

I am thinking of going to a celebration, after a very long time, this afternoon called The Merdeka Train Party, but I am actually still thinking. Maybe I will. Maybe I won't. 

I can easily answer how do I show my appreciation of Merdeka. I never left this country except for holidays. I studied here and even have another degree coming from a Malaysian institution if I can just finish my final assignment. That shows I believe in Malaysia education system. I make my money in  Malaysia for the past 10 years by opening up my own legal firm. I deal with all sorts of Malaysian and pay my taxes (including zakat) every year. I have foreign clients whom I convince to do business in Malaysia. I married a Malaysian and bought a Malaysian home and drive Malaysian cars (once). 

I just don't believe you need to go far to be Malaysian and the need to celebrate it by doing stuff usually associated with it. I think the best way to show your independence spirit is when you are willing to die for your country. How many of you will be willing to do that? 

Anyway, have a Great Independence Day, Malaysia and here's to many more...


  1. Happy Independence day! Same here in our country, I haven't tried to celebrate it with fireworks or going to some parties.

  2. Thanks for the wishes but I did partied, during the day!!!