Friday, July 31, 2009

The rituals that matter

I have a few rituals that I share with my wife although I am not the type to show my affection in public up to the point she sometimes complains to me of these lack of these display. But she knows I love her (I think). Anyway, these rituals that makes my day, among others are :

1) A kiss (full on), before she went out the door to go to work (I rarely go out before her);

2) A kiss before any one of us goes to sleep; and

3) Calls throughout the day but once I reach my office or wherever I am that day, a call to tell her what is my plans for the day;

Not really that complicated but these can actually affirm my faith in her and us.


  1. Sweet.. Simple things but I know she appreciates those very much. :)

  2. That's really sweet of you. I think I'll follow your lead because even if I'm not as affectionate right now compared before, I could use these rituals to show how I really feel for my wife.


    Seek No More

  3. If you saw what we do in the West ;-)

  4. Sashi - I think so to

    Kirhat - Spread the love around

    MKL - I don't think all do it except the loving ones