Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Melody or Lyrics?

Sounds like that movie title where Drew Barrymore was partnered with Hugh Grant right? But, what I want to know, when you hear a song, which will you be listening to. The melody or the lyric?

My wife said the lyric of a song is important for her. She considered some songs are emotionally written like most of Pink's song especially her current hit "Don't leave me..". She even hated certain songs which seem to condone adultery or other 'crime' of passion.

As for me, the tune is as important as the lyric and as I can also enjoy music without songs, which my wife can sometime appreciated, I tend to gravitate towards a song if it has a catchy tune.

But, sometimes lyric can be the clincher too. For me. So, in short, both are important to be the hook that make me like a song. How about you?

A cartoon depicting the dillemma of either the song or the lyrics by a Malaysian artist by the name LAT

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  1. Either or both, well lovesong have nice lyrics while upbeats song doesnt really rely on lyrics but just the beats and melody.