Thursday, August 20, 2009

Going out sober can also be tiring

For the past 3 to 4 weeks, my wife and I, have not been staying at home (except for a select few) as we have events after events. Just this week, I have a launch of short films commissioned by a broadband company. Check them at

Then, the day after, I have to choose between watching a movie named Orphan and an event which was a talk by a CEO of a Malaysia's Government linked investment arm. I missed the second event as I couldn't juggle well both events as the screening was brought forward to 9pm.

Then, last night, on Wednesday, we were at the second KL Comedy Club event at Petaling Jaya Live Art Centre. It was enjoyable and deserve a post by itself.

Today, we have a friend's birthday party which is held in the middle of town. 

Just look at that. Full calendar.

Hope this coming Ramadhan, there will be less activities....

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