Friday, August 21, 2009

Hot Fuzz

After all the summer movies that has been shown and as much as I know I will enjoy Up!, which may be due to the hype or even if it is true that it is a good movie, I still think one of the best movie ever made is Hot Fuzz (2007). A story of 2 cops in a small town unravelling a very old and mysterious conspiracy ala Murder on the Orient Express.

This movie was already a cult favourite long before it was released in the States. The Ain' website was abuzzed months ahead before it was released officially and it was a case of up-manship of who had watched it before another.

Who were in it? Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright. Who? Then you are not that savvy my friend...

Go Google it. I am not even going to steal an image for your benefit....

Okay, maybe a link to the IMDB page of Hot Fuzz here 

Then watch it. You will never view Point Break the same again....

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