Monday, August 17, 2009

Men rarely plan to have affairs... is just that the women they bed usually want more than just a fling.

I really believe this you know. Unless the men is really not married or is still looking for someone to share his life, men usually only want to have flings where they can run to whenever they want some personal attention which wives sometimes neglect to give. Some men can only think with the brain between their legs than those that are on their head and they will do this just to have a session with their flavour of the month.

When they managed to get a girl who wanted more than just sessions in bed, these men will do whatever they can to keep the affair goes on. They will promise (the first sign that they are not honest) then promise some more. They will never say the real thing until they have sunk into a pit which they cannot come out of.

Then they start to say the wrong things...

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