Friday, August 7, 2009

Going for a weekend getaway...

As tomorrow is my marriage 6th year anniversary, we are going away for a weekend getaway to a place in Malaysia called Tanjong Jara Resort, a property owned YTL Luxury Resort. We seem to be going around the properties they owned around the world and this is their 5th property that we have been too.

Go see the place's website at Tanjong Jara Resort.

We have been to their Bali property. A sunset picture from there as I enjoy their hospitality in Terengganu, a state at the north-east of Malaysia :

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  1. my congratulations, sir. wishing you more and more prosperous relationship years to come, and may you both be able to enjoy the anniversary in such easiness that grinds the imperfection in between you, then glues you both together even more closer than ever before.