Saturday, August 15, 2009

How I love to work in a resort like where I have been...

The title says it all. Just drop everything and work in a resort. Either at the front desk, at the bar, at the restaurant or even as a housekeeper. As hardwork as all these maybe, when you are in a resort, the feeling will be, well, resort-like. They give you a place to stay, food, time off and even some which give you the opportunity to travel to their other properties around the world.

In the place that we have been called Tanjong Jara, last weekend, we saw other nationalities working hand in hand with the locals. When we were at their property in Pangkor Laut Resort last year, we were accompanied to our room by a Japanese guy who was doing his internship there. There were also a few Americans, some Chinese from China and a few others which we can't really place their origins (read my post about seeing others as one generic race).

When seeing people doing these things and seem to be loving their job, I sometimes wish to be doing what they are doing. I know a few people who had travel the world and is willing to take the risk of getting caught by working to be able to pay for their travelling fares and lodging. I respect them as I never did something as such.

Maybe, one day...


  1. A job at a place like this might be fun as long as there is plenty of time off. They probably wouldn't hire me anyway. Most people think I look mean.

  2. There are jobs for mean people like a security guard or a bouncer if they have a disco ;)