Friday, August 14, 2009

Would you let them watch?

You are feeling frisky and turning to your partner, you give her a look. She smiles back and then you start to give her a kiss. The kiss leads to more intimate touching and then one thing led to another. As all these moments happened on the coach, both of you start to move toward the bedroom.

You start to take off your clothes and then got on the bed. Both of you are ready for it. Then you say her. She was just sitting there on the computer table and looking at you intently.

Would you just let her watch you two getting it on or would you shoo her out of the room?

Having 4 cats like me, if I am just lazy, as long as I know where she is, I would just let her be....


  1. hi, i was smiling while reading your post,shoo her out of the room,lol.
    By the way thanks for dropping by at my site.

  2. following you too in twitter and in technorati.FYI!

  3. it feels weird having the cats stare when we do certain things, kan? i sometimes let my cats in my room and (sometimes) i undress in front of them and funny how they seem to watch me intently. before that elok je main. then it occurred to me, what if they know what they're looking at? then suddenly i feel embarrassed.

  4. lolit : Shooing is a different ballgame if she does not wanna get out and Thanks

    Izyan : Yep, it happens... but then again...