Sunday, August 2, 2009

I can't afford the watch but I can dream...

Was invited to an event on Wednesday for the launch of a new Reverso by Jaeger Le Coultre which now has a club, which I joined but still can't afford to buy. YET. They encourage you to join their website at the event as there were these girls going around the room with a laptop and helped you register there and then. Here is their website link - Jaeger le

The evening was very entertaining that I even changed my plan for the night. I actually was between events at another hotel situated a few hundred meters away but as my partner was there and that event was more of a business event than an entertaining one, I forgo that one for the launch of the new Reverso. Furthermore, the launch had real food and the other event only have tidbits.

I was also kind of trapped in the launch event as I was in the elevator with the owner of the franchise company which was hosting the event that day. He was hospitalised quite recently and the launch was one of the event he came out to meet people. 

Another factor was the place the event was held which was on the 13th Floor of a new hotel. It was a penthouse which overlook the Petronas Twin Tower which is magnificent at dusk. So, in short, there was too much going on there that my wife and I decided to make an evening out of it. The company were also great as we met a few people whom we wouldn't have dared talk to at any other places due to their status.

As for the watches, we did not really took notice of them except they were of the price of a small house or apartment as it often is but one of the couple we talked to did show us an old model of the same brand which has appreciated from RM18,000-00 (USD$5,000-00++) to nearly RM30,000-00 (USD$9,000-00). But the husband who is a remisier did say, in Malaysia, you wouldn't be able to sell it as people thinks too much of Rolex. So buy it only if you have excess cash.

Here are some pictures :

The place, Royale Chulan
 The reception
 Some deco on the wall, keris (the Malay warrior's weapon)

The host
 The 13th Floor
 Ice scuplture

The unveiling
 Models showing off the watches


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