Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Compromise during Ramadhan

I have been writing a lot of posts regarding Ramadhan this past few days. Like all other religious celebrations, Muslims tend to have their own routine when it comes to this holy month. We do tend to get carried away here in Malaysia as all the stops with regards to eating. As Malaysians are known to be eater (ask any expatriate who has the chance how much we eat), it is important for us to schedule our first few days of fasting around where we will be breaking our fast.

For the past few years, we have come to a formula to satisfy both us and our respective parents. As they usually expect us to break fast with them, we tend to divide the first day and the second day of Ramadhan between them. 

This year, it was just perfect. First day of Ramadhan was a weekend. We prayed with the neighbours on the first night (Islamic day starts at dusk and we prayed a prayers which can only be done within Ramadhan the night before the first day of fasting). On Saturday, which was the first day of Ramadhan, we went back to break fast with my parents. I went praying at the local mosque in my hometown that night. On Sunday, we went back to our house before going off to my wife's parents house in greater Kuala Lumpur (Ampang) for breaking fast in the second day of Ramadhan. I then went of to the local mosque there.

Basically, we have both parents covered and we managed to taste the food cooked by our parents resepectively. Some of our favourite tapas (kueh) and some of our favourite drinks. 

Now, we can go back to our daily routine of Ramadhan at our own house...

At one of the eating session with my family

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  1. Yo yo kruel! wishing u a very happy ramadhan month! cools!