Thursday, August 27, 2009

Does a car really makes a man?

If anyone have been following my tweets at, they would have known I have been riding public transport for the past few weeks. It is by choice though it is also out of curiosity and necessity. Let me explain using a pictorial.

I have sold my car :

... dream of replacing it with this car :

Yep, that is a rare Bentley, seen on the Malaysian road, and own by one of the royalty, hence the dispensing of any form of car registration number (I guess). It was driving in front of me quite slowly one day and just couldn't resist to snap while driving.

I am actually currently going to a lot of meetings (even high profile one) using this :

This is a picture in a Monorail, one part of Malaysia's public transportation

Will it make me any lesser of a man or a businessman? My wife did not think so and even said, surprisingly she did not miss the BMW. 

I don't too.


  1. zaman sekarng, apa kenaikan dan gaya pakaian tidak boleh lagi dijadikan ukuran status sesorang lelaki itu.

    ada orang takut untuk hidup susah semula..tunggu bas atau naik teksi.

    dah pakai bentley nanti, aku nak tumpang balik seremban!

  2. See you more handsome than before without your car because now only i can realised how hsome you are ...all the times see your face maaa.... if not a chipsmore's biscuit now you see now you don't... me too ....nak naik your new car soon

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