Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gatherings of not so old boys

All of us will be 35 this year. Some of us meet every year during fasting month for breaking of fast since six to seven years ago. Some rarely come to it. Some was never seen until two nights ago.

The meet-up was supposed to plan for another meet-up. A proper one where everyone can bring their family. That was the plan until everyone see who came. Some of those who was last seen 20 years ago. 

The sum may not add up. We left our school days when we are 17. 35 minus 17 will just be 18. 

But you did not count on how 'well-behave' were we during our school days. So 'well-behave' that we lost nearly a quarter of our number by the time we graduated from school.

The gang at 11.45pm

The final picture was at another place, where the number was already halved. And I arrived home at 4am after nearly 5 hours of an impromptu reunion. That would-be meet-up? May not happened, but that night was enough for a bunch of us to exchange what has been happening in life.

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