Saturday, August 22, 2009

It is the first day of Ramadhan

As an adult Muslim, I have been doing this for quite some times. Fasting, I mean. From 6am to 7pm, give an take. It is actually not that hard on a working day as the work will keep you occupied. On weekends and holidays (this year we have two 3-days weekend), mostly all will sleep. Even my mother who rarely sleep during the day.

In my early years, I did try to do it at my best behaviour but my grandmother, whom I live with will know whether I am really fasting or not. A piece of chicken (or two) will go missing. I look much 'energetic' for a 10 year old who just started to fast. And other tell tale sign...

I remember during my school days when a few of my friends who couldn't take it asking non-Muslim friends to buy McDonald's and eating it on the way home.


As an adult, the bad thing about Ramadhan, especially in Malaysia is the food. The abundance of it. Even the non-Muslims enjoyed it. They even join in our break fast buffet at hotels which nowadays are being labelled as taking advantage of those who are willing to spend. The prices go north year after year. 

It will be a great Ramadhan and greater Eid Fitr. It usually is.

To all my Muslim friends, have a good Ramadhan and may Allah bless you as you go around in your ibadat and prayers...

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