Thursday, June 18, 2009

You can always fake it

Nope, this is not about sex. This is about faking that you really care and understand women. This is especially good to use when you are in the hunt for a potential lover, girlfriend or even wife.

Ever read The Game, the book about how a bunch of nerds use these knowledge to get women, bed them and then send them away as if they are Adonis incarnates? The first rule in their quest to be the best in their game, is to ignore any beautiful woman around and if they are with friends, you should talk to the ugliest of them all who is usually ignored by other men. And one other thing that they swear on, and seems to work on women, is to have confidence. According to the book, all these make these men get the women.

However, let us look beyond just snagging a date or bedding a woman. And I realised that this sound a bit sexist  but this is also a reminder to the women out there. There are men who are good at being able to turn on and off their emotional switch that they may seem to be emotionally affected by whatever you throw at them but they are actually doing it for their own selfish reason. Usually that reason has to do with sex.

Which I bet nearly half of the womanhood already know. Some just don't know this fact but some do and still want to close their eyes to this because of looks. 

As for the men, if you don't know how to do this, you better learn some skill, man...


  1. learning the skill for better purpose is good and maintain it through the relationship

    learning the skill for the sake of getting someone or getting into a relationship, well if this person can maintain it forver i dont find any problem the rship will work

    but if let say he cant, then in the end he will lose her as well :)

    haha ~~

  2. LOL I actually find this post funny. I feel some sarcasm here. Some men say and act as result of their being "defensive" or ego. We must admit that anyone can put their emotional switch off and on. Whatever sex they are. Even the 3rd and 4th for that matter (if that's the "legal" term) And in the end. it's not just about having to understand and all that seriousness. One gotta have some spice in their lives. Right? *wink

  3. Lisa - some honest man can still maintain a good frelationship

    Daisy - Though peppered with sarcasm, it is the truth rite?