Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back from Penang, the eat-a-lot island

As I have posted in yesterday, I just came back from this island which is known as a eating haven. What do you do when you are there? Eat of course. Whatever is your cup of tea, you name it, you will find it in Penang. You can get anything in Penang and then those same food can be found in a lot of shops in other part of Malaysia. There are nearly 4 or 5 franchises which were built on the culinary experience you get from Penang. Heck, I think (which a lot of people can of course disagree) if not for Penang food, the kopitiam or cafe culture of Malaysia would be very boring.

A normal kopitiam would have bread, toasted or steamed accordingly to make healthy snacks, served with Malaysian coffee. You can dip or dunk the bread in the coffee. You can eat the bread with butter,  a concoction made from coconut called kaya or both. That is basically what kopitiam is. For a cafe culture which can be found in Europe or the western culture, I bet that would have been enough. When it comes to Malaysia, we need food which can make us so famish that we nearly puke (of being full, not of the food).

In came Penang food. They have this concoction called laksa which is noodles with gravy. The noodle itself is unique. There are the rojak or pasembur. There are the prawn mee, which as you guess it, noodles with big fat prawns as the main ingredient. All these are the food which make kopitiam culture an enriching experience.

So, thank you Penang for the food and for the inches that you add to my already expanded waistline. 

The prawn mee. Again, nyums...

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