Saturday, June 27, 2009

Immersing yourself in your spouse's hobby

I love football. The English Premier League kind. Not the American kind. This is something my wife does not share. Unlike reading which both of us enjoy. Immensely that we can argue over who gets to read first the new book we bought. Nowadays, as I am quite busy, she has first dip on all the new book except if we go away somewhere then it is fair game.

Another of my current hobby is blogging. Which has grown to another monster on its own. Maybe one day Stephen King will make a horror story out of it. There was this one TV movie in the local station in which blogging became a subject matter which I think has approached the subject more on the romantic side. After all the title was a giveaway. "Blogger Boys" it was called. In a few years or months, the Thailand filmaker will surely has one of their idea about how blogging can be a horror story. They already did a turn on handphone, cameras and even eyes. 

Anyway, this post is more about the issue of loving or at least understanding your spouse's or partner's hobby. Be it taking pictures. Watching football or some who go the distance and go watch LIVE game, live. Theater. Writings. Travelling. And then some. I mean, there are so many weird hobbies around the world that what I have mentioned are just the 'normal' ones. 

But (of course there is a but) if you are obsess with a hobby, chances are there will always be conflict between you wanting to an activity which you have to concentrate on your hobby and what your spouse would want to do. 

Unless it is like something called movie watching, which most can enjoy together. Except for horror movie, which I have not watch in movie theater for quite sometimes as my wife does not like it. But if it was movie like Transformers or Terminators, then she was as eager as me.

A hobby most couple can share


  1. haha.funny.
    thailand boleh buat muvi seram pasal blogging!
    2.blogger anon
    3.blogging ; the unpost posting miss blogging (macam one miss call la)

  2. Menarik tu tajuk2 yang diberi...