Friday, June 12, 2009

Sweaty, Sticky, Sexy?

Though it may sound from something which happens when you are in the bedroom, this is about me, early in the morning when I start to get dress for work. The problem of being on the heavy side, I tend to sweat when the I dress. I will be sweating regardless of the weather and this is especially bad when I just jogged 2 or 3 hours before that. I will be pouring sweat by the time I reached my car.

As I like to let my engine run before switching the aircondition though I read somewhere there is no need for that especially for new car. So, I will be sweating a bit for 2 miles before I will be like any normal human being, which is dry and good enough to face the new day.

That is why I always have perfumes in my car and my office to give me a semblance of freshness. The hot weather of Malaysia contribute too...

Sweaty brows...


  1. i am that everywhere at home without aircond.....except in office...

    the moment step out......I feel Sticky , Sweaty and SEXY!!!!!!!!!

  2. what a stupid post >.<"

  3. LOL @ com-dot-spotblog.. you have a stupid name btw!

    Kruel dear, they say that food contributes too. If you are a spicy food lover then you tend to sweat more than those who are not fond of spicy food. ;-)