Monday, June 29, 2009

This is what I call seafood...

Just came back from Penang which is a seafood heaven and was looking for it yesterday night. I asked myt friend who was a native there and he directed me to a place just 10 miles from my hotel, which is not on the beach at all but is near the place where I was to moderate an event. It was a place where the fishermen bring down their catch. So, the seafood is always fresh. The place is call Teluk Tempoyak, at the very end of an inustrial area.

Here are some sample :


We picked a few kilograms of prawns, cuttlefishes and fishes. Asked them to be cooked accordingly and we actually finished it all. Except for one fish, which we took home to be eaten this morning as breakfast. It was heavenly fresh and we gained nearly 5 kilograms each after the meal...

The cooked dishes :

All I can is that :


  1. oh i tell you, it still can't fight the seafood I had from Phuket......

    super duper BIG and yummy!!

    I think about it now also salivating!!!

    have u been to phuket? did you try the seafood?

  2. They always look good after they have been cooked! Ha!

  3. I tried the seafood in Phuket too but I love those in an island called Phi Phi where there were tourists who took pictures their seafood before they ate them...

  4. Wow... looks really yummy.^^