Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weekend at the Ritz

We had a weekend at the Kuala Lumpur Ritz-Carlton as a reward for managing to make money out of a property and some shares we own. I know, it was not a wise spending habit, but, hey, where else should we splurge if not ourselves as we have treated our parents to a few other things the last two, three weeks ago, in our own way.

The lobby

I don't think I want to say much here of what we did at our weekend at the Ritz as we really utilised the hotel room, unlike if we travel abroad and hotel rooms would only be used for sleeping. We checked in as early as possible at 2pm on Saturday and checked-out at 1.45pm on Sunday. Between that we were only out of the room twice, for dinner on Sunday night at a nearby Thai seafood restaurant which I have always wanted to bring my wife to and for breakfast on Sunday at the hotel restaurant itself.

As for the other hours we were in the room and let me leave it at that. With a butler and a few perks unlike any other hotel, we had a fun weekend. You should try it out sometimes.

The bed (ahem...)

A South African man and his wife were in the lift when we were going down for check-out and asked us whether we were locals. And when we answer in the affirmative, he smiled. I wonder what was the thought behind that smile. But I bet it was not farther from the truth...

And it was not as big of a smile than mine. Hmmm...

 The other part of the room


  1. Very nice. (Quite expensive too, I bet).

    Hari tu ada gak nak menggatal ke Ritz but then I was informed their club level is no entry for children. Terus tak jadi. :D

    More photos of the room, please.

  2. Not many photo of the room Lina, sorry, was engrossed in something else ;)