Monday, June 1, 2009

No more surprises

Tomorrow is my wife's birthday. Between tomorrow and October, I am just 1 year older than her. And usually for her birthday, I try to surprise her with something. Flowers being sent at the office. Elaborate plans with a few of her friends to throw surprise parties. Gifts in places she wouldn't expected. Etcetra. Etcetra.

Once, I brought her to the tallest tower in Kuala Lumpur, which has a revolving restaurant on top of it, as I told her the surprise dinner which was held with her friends the night before was the only birthday dinner I had planned for her. The front number of her age changed that year, so she was given 3 birthday parties.

This year, I stopped all that. I asked her what she wants.

I even gave her a choice.

Electronic gadgets in the form of a netbook and a phone which is known for it being trendy and its applications 



Surprisingly, she chose the first choice. Although, she did say for birthdays, when her front number changed, she just wants things that glitter. Hmmm, maybe Apple really know how to attract consumers....
or maybe with a BB she can connect with mine cheaply...


  1. Advance happy birthday azhani yunus

    Wishing you another wonderful of happiness & joy.

  2. happy birthday to azhani yunus.

  3. Dua2 yang komen nama Ji... Thanks guys from her