Friday, June 26, 2009

"More chicks than Kentucky"

That is supposed to be a kind of one-upmanship prank, heard in a morning show of a local radio. It was a prank call, in which the prankster called the victim and asked him whether he is dating this one girl. The prankster is supposed to be the rival lover and was egging the guy. As the victim was a very ghetto type of guy who deemed himself a tough guy, he used street slang to make his stand.

In one part he was off like in a rant of 100 words per minute and in one part of it, just to show that he did not really care for the girl, he said this...

I have more chicks than Kentucky..." in reference to Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC as it is known here. 

And I think that was the classic part. And as the prank was the first ever prank by that radio station, it was a classic and every time there was a flashback on how they started this prank which the call "Gotcha!", it just cracks me up. 
That guy is one motormouth...They should make a song out of that word. Maybe Snoop will think of one.

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