Monday, June 8, 2009

The Night Safari : When all you need is creativity

I am not really a fan of animal in cages or seeing animal in captivity. I rarely when to zoos and the National Zoo in Malaysia is in a quite pathetic state though I heard they are really trying hard to remedy the situation. However, as our family holiday in Singapore is winding down, we decided to see what  is the hoopla about the Singapore's Night Safari is all about,

As they have promotion for Malaysian to visit sites and places which they have been promoted since early of the year, we got to get cheaper tickets than other nationalities. 

The brothers and my wife queuing for tickets

When we were on the tram and was ooh and awe-ing on the what were shown, somthing seems to gnaw at the back of my mind. It suddenly struck me, what they did in this Night Safari was broing 'other' countries animal and put on show. What is more amazing is that half of these animals came from MALAYSIA! My own country.

And here is the clincher, Malaysia never took advantage of it. Except for our zoo, which is squeezed into a very small area which is not visitor friendly at all. There is a night safari somewhere up north of the peninsular. I think I need to go there to see what they have to offer.
This is supposed to be a picture of flamingoes but my camera did not do it justice

The finale, a creature of the night show


  1. u shud visit zoo taiping nite safari. awesome! mmg best. siap ada bagi makan ayam kat ikan arapaima 9 ekor. hehe :)

  2. I will want to go to Zoo Taiping too one day. Just to prove that Malaysia also can...