Thursday, June 4, 2009

My side of the bed

Don't you always have that argument about your spouse conquering your side of the bed that you don't have enough room for yourself. They move around in bed when you are still at the doing something around the house and when you get to the bed, they have slept and conquered the whole bed. 

As for me, the bed is not just conquered by human. There are 4 cats to contend with and on certain days, they love to sleep within our folds. Count that. 4.

If we are lucky, they will really sleep by our side, at our side table. Like this...

If not, then it sometimes become like this :

So, for us, having any side of the bed is good enough...


  1. mmm cats cats cats... cant seem to get enough of them now la!

  2. haha so cute

    push them off the bed!

    that is what i did to my Teddy sometimes :D

  3. My cats are my only kids...and Lisa, I do do that too sometimes