Saturday, June 13, 2009

Caged and left behind

Every time we travel, we had to add an additional cost for the borading of our precious cats. And how they hate it. The same happened when we had to lef them behind when we went on a trip to Singapore for 3 nights and 3 days (one night at my parent's house). We forgot that it was a school holiday and our favourite animal clinic which also offers boarding for animal was full. Especially when we have to put 4 cats there.

So, we found an alternative. Another place that we always buy food from (cheaper!) but does not have a big room reserved as cats hostel. We were a bit apprehensive but we can't do anything as there was no where else to put them. A few of my friends, either offline or online (thanks guys) did offer to keep them for us but we know our cats are the fussy type and will terrorise anything under the sun.

We caged the 3 girls in one cage and the male in his own cage. Here are the traumatised moments (for us and the cats) when we left them.

Gemuk in his cage

See how big Muffin's and Cookie's eyes were

This was how we left them. 3 cats in one cage

and one on top, alone....

When we picked them up we discovered they were left in the middle of the room as there was no empty cage. They seem to be a bit traumatised but otherwise okay. They took 30 seconds to change from being loud and uncooperative to chasing each other around the house. Now, all is normal again...


  1. alahai...sedihnya kena tinggal..itulah kisah kawan2 saya yang ade pets

    selalu ckp mcm ni...

  2. Kesian tapi tinggal kat rumah, lagi kesian