Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A restaurant at a godforsaken alley

When we had my weekend at the Ritz, I brought my wife to this Thai restaurant at this alley which is situated in this one alley which one shouldn't go if it is after 10pm at night as the place is a bit dodgy. However, the place have some of the most delicious street food in Kuala Lumpur that most foreigner wouldn't mind going there. I know a few of my friends who lived within the area and will disagree with me on me saying this. 

I was introduced to this place 3 or 4 years ago and the food there was so good that I just had to bring my wife there. The restaurant was not air-conditioned and I was there with my school friends there after some wild time at a bachelor party for this one guy who now has a child. Just imagine how long that was.

However, I know that the food was great, I asked my wife to walk a mile to go there. She did not mind at all when she tasted the food. As there were only the 2 of us, in which is not how you eat Thai food, we were full by the time we finished.

I just need to take a few of my friends or maybe a family member the next time we go there...

A kind of Piccadily Circus in Kuala Lumpur

This road is so famous that when the City want to change the name there were protests
This alley is where restaurant is and the buildings on top and to the front are full of those offering 'extra' services

The food was delicious, spicy and full of spices


  1. Oooh! Exotic food! I would like to taste that authentic Thai food someday...

  2. If ever you are here, I will treat you to it...