Friday, June 5, 2009

On a road trip...

For the first time, my whole family, which includes my parents and my 2 brothers who have 5 kids between them are going on a holiday. I think getting to the day itself without anyone bailing out is a miracle. We have never really have a gathering outside of my parents' house in Seremban except once last December without the parents.

The logistic itself is a nightmare. My brother who lives in Subang Jaya, will be going there by plane with my mom who is coming from Seremban. My brother will have his wife and 3 children.

I will be travelling by car with my dad who is a paraplygic (which I had to google to spell) and he hated travelling. We had to coax him to go and he finally agreed as long as he travels by car. So, I was it.

My other brother lives in Johor Bharu, the last town to where we are going. He will have it easy as he will be waiting for us before we cross the border.

Yes, you guess it, we are going to Singapore...

As this post is coming up, so will the sun and I am already on my way on the highway...

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