Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

Just to make things clear, I am not currently in trouble with the wife, I think. Just a continuation about men being very egoistic in their way of handling matters that make women nowadays being egoistical too and then makes men more violent as that is the only way they know how to handle a situation they don't know how to handle, then round and round it goes. Better you just go read my post the other day here.

The title for my post today is of course being taken from the song made fanous by Elton John which lyrics I do not really subscribed too but I bet all married persons (both men and women) can relate to this. Heck, even those in a relationship, whatever type of relationship that may be. Straight. Gay. Living together. Just met and still trying to find a rythm. Long enough to have grandchildren. All must know how hard for one person to say the word "Sorry".

The problem with having an ego (which may resides in either side of the sex), is the fact that the moment any one of the side said the word sorry, the other side will feel that they have won something. Not trying to be supportive or acknowledging the fact that trying to find to say it is already a big matter. No matter who said it. 

The problem with adult, you do tend to assess your own attitude. If a child did something wrong, some parents will instill a lesson with gusto and try to beat the point into the kid's head as if his life depends on it. As adult, you relish the freedom of making your own decision.

And deciding to say sorry or not is just one of them... (which you rarely do)


  1. boleh tak kata 'sorry' tapi tak ikhlas?

  2. Boleh, sapa tau pun. Kalau dia cakap pun, dia teka je