Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hey, EC dropper! Have you adgitize?

Yes, you, who are dropping cards on this blog and my other blog, Legal Cat-asthrophe have you done it yet? Throwing two birds with one stone? Dropping under Entrecard AND getting paid under Adgitize? There are a lot of blogs which explained what is Entrecard (here is one example - Cornys Moneypage) and what is Adgitize (Entreblast) . As I might as well give my 2 sen (cent in Malaysia) of what both aggregators and internet earners website entails.

They both use the concept of dropping as the basis of meeting others and knowing each other blog within the network. The concept is for you to register as a member, put on a widget, which is generated through the normal HTML generator and through this 125 x 125 widget, people who has the same account and widget installed will know that you are a member of the same network.

For Entrecard, or EC as the members called them, there is only one widget, albeit of different size and type, for one to see. Which means that at any one time, the other member's widget which is shown at your site is one. You gain credit as you go to other side and click on the place which says the word DROP exactly under the widget or by the side, according to the one you installed on your blog or website. When you do this, the word DROP will change to Thanks for the first 50 blogs you dropped; Go! Go! for the second 50 and so on. The nirvana for the day is Awesome!. It limits the drop to 300 per site that you registered. That is the limit. 

You can only do 300 drops per day. So, you considered have visited 300 sites per day per Entrecard that you have. How you earn is when you drop, you get 1 credit and if people drop on your card, you gain another point. So, you can gain between 300 credits for dropping and more if you are popular enough, which usually comes if you are a consistent 300 drops per day dropper. You can cashout your credits for the price of USD1 for each 1000 credits but up until now I have not seen my money yet though I have nearly 12,000 cashout credits.

I bet all the Entrecarders are already bored up to this part. What all this have to do with Adgitize? Well, here is where you gain your money. With Adgitize, you can cashout fast, if you invest a little. The initial investment needs to be USD$14.00 and then you will gain nearly USD$3 to USD$4 over time. It will take the same devotion as you do with Entrecard and you will can do both dropping at the same time. And the best thing is, you don't have to request for the money.

It may seems easy but you still have to visit other sites. Your drop will be counted when you click on the word ADGITZE just under the widget or the widget itself. However, the widget can be long or full of nearly 9 widgets. Which means that there can be more than one website it leads to. However, your drop will count as one from any one you clicked. The most you need to do is 100 to gain a 100 points. If you advertise, with the choice of as less as 7 days to 31 days, you only need to click 51 widgets.

And again, best of all, there is no need top request for payment, especially if you have PayPal.

So, what are you waiting for, click on either the Entrecard widget or the Adgitize widget from my site and join!!!! And if you have, advertise...
No investment comes for free.

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  1. i long time dropped off EC widget alrdy...
    i find it kinda useless for me, not like i can cashout my credits also lol :/