Saturday, June 20, 2009


One of the joke that gets really old when a couple starts to live together and share the same bed is when the man love to just let it go without a care in the world for the person beside him. Usually, it is the man in the relationship, or those who wants to be a man in the same sex relationship. Disregard for the contamination of the air within a confined area is the first thing that man regards as his 'mark' on his domination over his woman.

You do know that flatulence itself is a fart in layman term, right? That act of adolescent glee which the male of the species love to  This is especially true when they grows up among fraternities which are full of boys. I know of a few of my friends whose sport every morning. I mean, every damn morning, they will race up the stairs to our lecture hall and whoever reach the top will fart down on the others. I mean, this was during college. Just imagine when they were in school.

When you are married, when you spend nearly hours in bed with the same person and seen them doing things that you can only imagine when you were still young, this part of you who had been 'trained' to not feel any shame in just farting in whatever direction. Including if that was your face in the way. Then, smile as if it was really a joke...

Consider it as a marriage hazard, if you must...


  1. much agreed, sir, especially on the facial expression one makes afterward. classic.

  2. flatulence = fart

    Right, thanks for the tip.

    Marriage hazard?

    I would say - hardly.

  3. Jack - That is another matter altogether and another post too

    J - I think there are those who make it a team 'sport'