Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Make-up while driving

One of the skill that I believe women are better than men at is multitasking when they drive. I believe that most women still hesitate and not that skillful when they drive on the road. However, when they have attain that confident, they have this extraordinary skill of doing a lot of things in the car. 

Men will always be texting or talking on the phone while driving, which is not something which require that much skill (unless like me who currently own a touchscreen phone which keyboard also require touching for words to come out as coherent SMS). In my post the other day, I did mentioned about women and their morning attitude when they are driving trying to send their children to school and arrive at the office.

And for single ladies, the skills that they will acquire first upon knowing how to drive a car, is the skill of putting on their make-up in the middle of a traffic jam. And some even can have their breakfast then. Some even put in another task of texting and having a conversation on their cellphone. All this while driving to work. 

To those who do all these things, I salute them and I believe women will always have the benefit of having more skills than men as men always rely on machine such as a better operating system or search engine to multitask while women mostly rely on themselves....
In a jam, people still try to multitask


  1. I think women are basically good in multitasking lolx
    but then again i have yet to perfect the skill of driving and making up!!

  2. i apply make up only at red lights simply because i drive a manual car. ;)

  3. Lisa - practise makes perfect

    Izyan - If you manage to do that is an achievement