Monday, June 22, 2009

Is it important to come?

Women have been doing it for so long that there is already a dissertation on the issue. Men seems to depend on it that they will be considered as a failure or a freak even if they do not do it every time they have sex. Yes, it is about the issue of that final act which happens when you have sex. For men, at least. For the women, the end is when the men get off of them. And the women might not even near getting it off. It is call orgasm and to the women, some call it elusive. Some even swear by it and rate their lover according to their capability to get them there.

So, why is it so important? Scientifically, there are a lot of doctors nowadays who talk and write about it. They have explained and give term such as G-spot to let people find it and experience it. Most concentrate on the women as finding them is like finding the holy grail. How about the men?

Tantric sex is said to be the best sex that a man can have as they can stay within the state of not coming for hours and hours. They will experience it gradually and as the pressure increase, they will ultimately come in an intense explosion of orgasmic heaven (is there such a thing?)

The question is, would a man feel any better if they did not come when they have sex with a woman? And do all men capable of doing this? And yes, I know, usually after coming once, doing it again, you may not come again after a while. Heck, it is hard enough getting 'hard' (pun intended) or why not just sing "Satisfaction" by The Rolling Stone, if it ever happens to you.


  1. hehehe.

    sumtime cuming..sumtime not.

    i blame the werk stress

  2. Bahaya tu bang, bawak bertenang