Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bumblebee himself deliver me the Transformers tickets

I woke up yesterday morning and found this :

Bumblebee himself delivered me the tickets for Transformers 2. It was given by my better half and she gave me a surprise as I was trying to get tickets through contests but failed. It is not about FREE tickets but more about to watch it as early as possible.

She bought the tickets last week and this week I heard that most cinemas already sold out their tickets for Transformers 2. Wow! That is a first. To those who still cannot get tickets, go to the lesser known one like in Summit USJ or Puchong IOI Mall.

Anyway, when I have finished playing with it (it speaks!!!), look who decide to investigate whether  Bumblebee want to play with her :


  1. Please change the code of the EntreCard widget. It seems like you use here the same code like on one of your other blogs... i got many times already the Thanks message instead of the Drop-Button. In this case you also won't get the additional 1 EC for our drops... both parties loose ;)

  2. hey i didn't know ur a contest junkie too? i am trying to win tickets to akon's freedom beach party but so far, still no luck. :(
    anyway cute lah kucing you nak main sama bumblebee.